At Home VR was founded in 2015 by the ideal of its international investor who primarily desired to put together a Management Company specialized in the vacation home industry of the Orlando area to provide Home Owners the experience of individual attention, high standards property care, stress free investment and total transparency.

These core principles were especially highlighted after Summer of 2018 when At Home VR effectively became a strong player in the market with a new CEO taking over the administration together with new investments mostly in technology and in training employees.  

At Home VR’s physical office is located in the prestigious Celebration, FL,  next to the gates of the Disney World’s Parks and it has become the extension of our clients’ homes as well as the headquarter of our administrative team, where we also keep our Owner Relations’ Representatives. Each one of At Home VR’s clients has a personal representative assigned to develop dedicated and committed relationship serving our clients with a classy and an amazing ownership experience. 

The inventory of our luxury vacation homes is worldwide advertised - directly and via the largest specialized media channels – and the booking rates are daily defined through on line analyses with different tools. Adding technology and human resources on this process optimizes the results and occupancy of our vacation homes ranges from seventy to mid ninety percent depending on the location of the house, the furniture pack and mostly the desire of how our clients wish to address their investment.   


At Home VR was not built to be the largest, but the leading management company in Orlando Area based on personal and 5 star services. Thriving this path on the direction of solid growth has honored our team and has made our clients deeply satisfied. 

Compreensive Services, Results.

We are At Home Vacation Rentals.

Right tools, Best knowledge.

We speak to the world.


At Home VR’s team has the know-how to market your home with innovation placing your property where the bookings happen. We market our luxury vacation homes constantly in more than 70 different channels worldwide and we place the advertising investments according to the holiday seasons of each specific country we target which means we are where the guest also is at. 

In our company marketing comes along with our team of market analysts. We go beyond the basic social media’s packages and Google keywords, we manage the house’s profile by crafting the advertising industry under the needs of our clients.

This way we likely find our potential guests attracting them to book with us. As for first semester of 2019 these are our numbers, as a sample:


  • 4 bedroom Town Home at Sorey Lake Community, Pequod Place St.: 85% occupancy  – US$4,600 average monthly income.​

  • 6 bedroom Single Family Villa at Champions Gate Community, Tempo Lane St.: 76% occupancy – US$4,215 avarage monthly income (including owner’s no charge stay)


The numbers above show realistic information and it’s the best way to preset the effectivity of our marketing programs.

Discounted price to have you in.

This is our way to say Welcome!


We are already thankful for having you learning

a bit more about At Home Vacation Rentals visiting our website. 
If you allow us to have the privilege of managing your home you’ll have an unforgettable ownership experience!

We work with pride and seek to provide first class services and close relationship with our clients. Your investment matters to us, your comments matters to us and your satisfaction matters to us. And this is not all!

Celebrating the start of our relationship, we are promoting our Classic Plan with no charge of the monthly management fee for the two first months of your contract!

Welcome on board. It will be an amazing experience!